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Wooden Kids Table Chairs Furniture Sturdy Crafts School Work

Baby & Kids

"On the table is a plate, with sandwiches for us. It’s time to eat now, come sit with me…"

Let me ask you a simple question--Would you like a strong

sturdy table for your children that would be a perfect fit for

3 and 5 year old to eat lunch or do some art work

Super cute and made from solid wood.

Good quality and it is pretty easy to put together.

Benefits and Features

1. You"ll get 2-day shipping without worrying about the cost.

2. We want every purchase to make you happy with the hassle free returns

(check the details below)

3. We've provided lots of pictures so you can

see it will fit right in your child's play room.


4. This table will serve for year as snack table or little project table..

5. Your Child's table and 2 chairs will come nicely packaged.

Item Specifics

*Table dimensions: 18.1”h x 23.6”w x 18.9”d

*Chair dimensions 20.6”h x 11”w x 11.8”d

*Weight 22.66 lbs

*Great for child’s bedroom or playroom.

*Perfect place to write, draw or read on.

Returns & Exchanges

Returns. Yep. It Happens No Worries

If you have any issues just contact me via e-bay message


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