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2010 Ford F-250 Lariat

Item Condition: Used

*this truck is a friggin steal at 20k*
If your interested in the truck feel free to come look at and drive it
Happy to answer questions

I have owned this truck for 4 years
Its a great truck
I know the original owners as well
This truck was bought new by a friend of mine who did not like the paint
He complained to the point that they took the vehicle back
I think the paint looks great and I haven't had the first issue on the entire truck
But that is why it has a Man Buy back title
Not a lemon
Then my business partner bought the truck and drove it a couple years before I bought it from him with about 30k miles on it
It is fully loaded
Two issues that I want to show is front bumper has small area of rust on it
There isn't any rust anywhere else on the truck
The second is one back tire got chewed up a little about a year ago on a rock while i was pulling a trailer on a gravel road
Im happy to answer any questions
This will make you a great truck
It is the Triton V10 gas version so much more reliable imo than the diesels

Price: US $19,000.00

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